[Morning sounds – birds chirping] [Snoring] [CLOCK RADIO ALARM – MUSIC PLAYS] Good morning, Mr. Blackman! No walkies this morning, Mr Blackman! Spot of Torvill and Dean this morning? Me again, Mr B! Radio: “Nageze contains turmeric, a naturally derived analgesic that may help to relieve every day joint pain… Continue Reading NAGEZE – Natural Anti-inflammatory Pain Relief

Good morning body! Time for another day. Your alarm goes off, you hit the snooze button and lay there for few minutes between the land of wake and sleep known as the hypnopompic state. When you do finally get up, you’re groggy and disoriented thanks to sleep inertia. Most of… Continue Reading This Is Your Body Over 24 Hours

In todays time, people have become very busy with work. Many people suffer from health issues like diabetes, hypertension and heart disease. People do not care about their diet and eat whatever they want. They do not care about their lifestyles as well. If you want to change your lifestyle… Continue Reading Healthy Habits to Start Your Day With

hi welcome to asian beauty secrets happy Monday my mondays are usually made up of coffee and yawning because I haven’t slept enough the night before I’m not a Monday person so I have heard there are a lot ways to stay awake such as taking a jog in the… Continue Reading How To Stay Awake – Works Every Time!