🎵She’s got some nice long hair and you know that she’s a bad chick,🎵 🎵All the boys stare, can’t help it it’s a habit,🎵 🎵Clothes that she wear, short skirt and a jacket,🎵 🎵I just wanna get her all alone on a mattress,🎵 🎵I just wanna have it, I just… Continue Reading NEFFEX – Rumors 💋 [Copyright Free]

you will come into obstacles you probably already have whether it’s procrastination friendship problems family problems money problems whatever it is it’s not going to be easy a pain is just a byproduct if you haven’t experienced pain then you will not have the motivation to become the best version… Continue Reading Use The PAIN as Motivation! – Motivation To Study

Health is not a destination but really the most incredible relationship that you’ll ever be in, in your entire life. When I am able to sit with somebody who’s going through something, and inspire them that there is a path to vitality, that makes my heart sing. When I was… Continue Reading Holistic Nutritionist: From Near Death to Vitality

How do I Overcome a Fear of Pain? A phobia is an irrational, unrelenting feeling of terror that can prohibit daily activity. A fear of pain may seemingly develop out of nowhere, or it can arise because of a traumatic event or an upcoming surgical procedure. Regardless of the reason,… Continue Reading Fear of Pain | How do I Overcome a Fear of Pain

Yes it hurts sometimes when you feel alone. It hurts sometimes when you’re in that dark place and you feel no one cares about you. The first thing you’ve got to realize is that you got to love yourself it’s about self-love. Start understanding that if you’re going to do… Continue Reading WHEN IT HURTS – Best Motivational Speech Video (Featuring Coach Pain)