Hey Remember me, I’m Antony from Antony’s apologies Antony’s apologies is on tour doing seminars in a Travelodge near you Anyway, you ain’t getting the dumpster in the picture. Are you and I want the dumpster, okay Listen, come on down pick Travelodge. Anthony’s apology is doing seminar on how… Continue Reading Tony’s Detoxificity Seminar

And we have Jillian – she says, “Well, here’s a tough question to get the ball rolling for those of us who are in extreme trauma right now. What is the one thing that we can do to experience less pain?” Oh! That’s a tough one. My name is Angie… Continue Reading How To Deal With Emotional Pain: Tips for Managing Emotional Pain in Narcissistic Abuse Recovery

Hi, I’m Jan, I have been getting migraines since I was 12 which have had a huge negative effect on my life, they’ve got more regular latterly, I’m very over anxious and afraid to go out because in case I get a headache, so I’ve got to the stage when… Continue Reading Managing Migraines & Anxiety: “Living a HAPPY life!”

So I want to say to the entrepreneur that thinks it’s over. I’m not making this up it is literally at the darkest moment right when it dawns it is literally at the darkest moment. So you don’t really even get to the next level ‘til your darkest moments. So… Continue Reading Eric Thomas | Get a Reward for your Pain ( Eric Thomas Motivation)

your body is beautiful just because you have a body no other reason needed it’s a free gift from the universe you are enough you only have one in this lifetime it’s with you from the beginning to the end your best friend your body gives to you unconditionally and… Continue Reading How To Love Your Body (Inspirational Video)

Yes it hurts sometimes when you feel alone. It hurts sometimes when you’re in that dark place and you feel no one cares about you. The first thing you’ve got to realize is that you got to love yourself it’s about self-love. Start understanding that if you’re going to do… Continue Reading WHEN IT HURTS – Best Motivational Speech Video (Featuring Coach Pain)

How do you keep going? Why do you keep going? When the world; says everything else is supposed to be opposite. Pain is a repetition of the psyche. Until you learn how to figure it out, until you learn how to tap it on the back and say “I know… Continue Reading How do you keep going? – PUSH THROUGH PAIN