We are standing for self love! I, and if anyone would like to join me, will be going into a busy public area where there’s lots of foot traffic. I’ll be taking off my clothes down to my bikini, and… Oh, my days! I will be blindfolded and there’ll be… Continue Reading Love your body, love yourself ❤️ | Who Are You Calling Fat? – BBC

If you could ask God any one question and you knew he would give you an answer right now what would you ask him? What would you ask? Well it may not be surprising but by far the number one questions that Americans ask is why does God allow pain… Continue Reading Why Does God Allow Pain & Suffering? Finding Hope When We’re Hurting

– [Brown haired man] You know, sometimes I have to think back of the time when I served in the Austrian military. How they would wake us up at 4 am in the morning, how they would let us walk to the fucking woods for 24 hours, no sleep, always… Continue Reading Gym Motivation For Higher Pain Tolerance (Featuring Max & Patrick Reiser)

– [Boss] Oh my god! – Oh my god! (laughter) – What are you doing? – [Model] This is basically like my boss No! So, today the Go Get Glitter Girls are gonna make me a top and some leggings made completely out of glitter. I’m excited but I’m also… Continue Reading I Wore Only Body Glitter For A Day

it’s time to rise and shine it’s time to be about that business it’s time to understand and if you want to get something out of your life you’ve got to be willing to work for [Music] I’m talking to the one that wants to go beyond the limit up… Continue Reading DIG DEEPER – Powerful Motivational Speech Video (Featuring Coach Pain)