[SOUND] [LAUGH]>>Okay Brad, you got this. Karen, you got your power post its, you got your blue bottled coffee just don’t spill it on Marc Benioff or you’re getting fired.>>[LAUGH] >>Hi everyone. I am Brad Hungerman. I am the new product manager here at Salesforce and I’m just really excited… Continue Reading Use Body Language to Rock Your Next Presentation

In this segment I’m going to teach about, needle at sea bottom. And I’ll put almost like a little bit of disclaimer on this one, that I know that this is not really a traditional way of performing this posture, but it is the way that we do here at… Continue Reading Tai Chi Movements : Tai Chi: Needle at Sea Bottom

Pain is one of those things that we see a lot of patients for as an acupuncturist and its probably what its best known for. Its funny, I sometimes I get a phone call, how much do you charge for elbow pain? And what’s important in Chinese medicine is to… Continue Reading Traditional Chinese Medicine Diagnostics : Traditional Chinese Medicine: Pain Diagnostics