What was it like I mean, when you was a kid, growing up. It was allright, I had a mother, and a father, and a little brother, and a lawn. Why’d you leave, then? You just go ’round leavin’ people for no reason? I wouldn’t. Well you shouldn’t, that ain’t… Continue Reading The Panic in Needle Park (1971) Modern Trailer

Cixin Liu Do you know what sin you committed? I am a human But I treat myself from the perspective of transcending humanity I hope We can build a beautiful world *I hope we can build a beautiful world* I have some good wish *We have some good wish* I… Continue Reading 【三体动画】正式预告 | The three-body problem ANIMATION – official teaser (English subbed)

hi for those who turned on subtitles, rly? this is a lyric video, dw the lyrics are part of the vid, just wanted to see who would notice this. If you did, comment “mashed potatoes”

♪ TELL ME SOMETHIN’ GIRL ♪ ♪ ARE YOU HAPPY IN THIS MODERN WORLD? ♪ ♪ OR DO YOU NEED MORE, ♪ ♪ IS THERE SOMETHIN’ ELSE YOU’RE SEARCHIN’ FOR? ♪ ♪ I’M FALLIN’ ♪ ♪ IN ALL THE GOOD TIMES ♪ ♪ I FIND MYSELF LONGIN’ FOR CHANGE ♪… Continue Reading Lady Gaga & Bradley Cooper – Shallow (Alternative Editing with Different Takes)

( intro music ) Cedar Wright:Yeah there’s tons of pain, exhaustion,but the same time there’s a lot of beauty, and laughter,and really special moments,and it all combines into this unforgettable life experience.Woo! Yeah!( applause ) So, how does a… …a little kid, well, named Cedar Wright– Obviously hippie parents, right?…and… Continue Reading Sufferfest: 700 Miles of Pain and Glory | Nat Geo Live

House Dance Legends: Willy Pinedo From the House Dance documentary Check Your Body at the Door The real history of house dancing, with rare footage from the original clubs, featuring the real house dancers. Check Your Body at the Door is available on iTunes

A Dongseong Film Company Production The Body Confession Producer Jeong Byeong-jun Planning An Seung-jun Original novel Kim Mun-yeop Adaptation Jo Keung-ha Cinematography Kim In-yong Lighting Lee Byeong-jun Art director Hong Seong-chil Music Han Sang-ki Developing Kim Bong-su Recording Yang Hu-bo Effect Son Hyo-sin Editing Ji Hui-hwan Photograph Yang ki-zoo Starring… Continue Reading 육체의 고백(1964) / The Body Confession ( Yukche-ui Gobak )

Tell me what did you dream last night I dreamed that I’m a deer I was very hungry My companion was there with me I drank from the stream You were an animal in your dream, if I interpreted it well They share their dreams I’m Endre, the director of… Continue Reading On Body and Soul – Testről és lélekről | official trailer (2017) Ildikó Enyedi