Thanking you in advance. What kind of symptoms were you suffering until you visited the acupuncturist? Since about February last year, I was suffering from symptoms of “Hiccups” and “Burp” I thought that stress was the cause, and gradually became worse when I left it. There was a state that… Continue Reading 呑気症(ゲップとしゃっくりが止まらない)の改善事例:Acupuncture provement case for aerophagia(Burp and hiccups can not stop)

Hi, in this segment we’re going to look at some moxibustion that we can do for self care for menstrual cramps. It’s an extremely common problem and I often times recommend the number one way to fix menstrual irregularities, is to stop coffee, but that’s another segment. We’re going to… Continue Reading Moxibustion Benefits : Moxibustion for Menstruation

I wanted to spend my life helping people, utilizing this ancient meridian system, the system of energy that runs through our body in very specific pathways. I’m Robert Moffett, Doctor of Acupuncture and Licensed Acupuncturist. Acupuncture is the world’s oldest continuously recorded complete system of medicine and what makes it… Continue Reading Welcome to Acupuncture Associates in Wilmington, NC

Hello there this is Oran Kivity at with a warm hello to all practitioners of Japanese acupuncture and moxibustion whatever your style may be Today we’re going to discuss Japanese acupuncture and moxibustion from its origins in the past and its applications in the present and in the future.… Continue Reading Japanese Acupuncture Today – Episode 3 Harikyu Today

Hi I’m Emilie Salomons, Doctor of Traditional Chinese Medicine who focuses in fertility and pregnancy today I’m gonna show you how to do moxi for breach in pregnancy what I’ve got here is a moxi stick it’s actually made out of mugwort that’s been charcoaled so it doesn’t have a… Continue Reading Moxibustion for Breech in Pregnancy

An ancient Chinese secret erases rheumatoid arthritis… next Acupuncture And Moxa Alleviate Rheumatoid Arthritis Reposrted in Health CMi, this item… Acupuncture and moxibustion alleviate rheumatoid arthritis. Research published in the Jilin Journal of Traditional Chinese Medicine finds an 83.3% total effective rate for acupuncture combined with moxibustion for the treatment… Continue Reading Rheumatoid Arthritis | acupuncture and moxibustion rheumatoid arthritis

Our school was setup in 1999. The purpose of our school is to improve Canadian peoples health and we also want to promote Chinese culture And we want more people to be able to promote Chinese culture and share this kind of natural health benefits We live in the west… Continue Reading Oshio College of Acupuncture and Herbology

Hi, in this segment we’re going to be doing moxibustion for self care, for stress and energy. So, there’s a couple of points that we can use that will really be helpful to help relieve some of that stress, actually they can even be helpful for headaches. First one is… Continue Reading Moxibustion Benefits : Moxibustion for Energy & Stress

Hi, in this section we’re going to use moxibustion for digestive complaints. There’s a number of points that we can use on the body with the moxibustion that can be helpful to take care of anything from loose stools to constipation, to even just a little bloating and discomfort. So,… Continue Reading Moxibustion Benefits : Moxibustion for Digestive Problems

Hi. In this segment, we’re going to use some acupuncture with moxibustion in combination. So we’re going to actually go ahead and insert a couple of needles into the back, here. And the combination of the two will actually enhance the power of the acupuncture treatment itself. And we say… Continue Reading Moxibustion Benefits : Moxibustion with Acupuncture