Pain! *the beginning of a kid’s show* (Laugh) -Psst… Let’s go over here. Just you and me, c’mon I wanna sing a song, just for you! ‘Cause you’re my special frie-e-end… Heh Yeah! Hey! pain Ugh… uh damn pain! I’m tired of those motherfuckin’ children (pain) They don’t even know… Continue Reading Dicon – P.A.I.N. (Official Music Video)

Hello I’m Chris and I’m Aaron Welcome to social disorder, the show where Chris and I set up elaborate social experiments and compete with each other for points. Have you ever been disposing of a dead body and wondered well, what would it be like if I did this in… Continue Reading Social Disorder – The Body Bag Experiment | Rooster Teeth

[music playing] FRANCESCA FIORENTINI (VOICEOVER): That’s how I ended up in a body farm, the biggest one in the country. The Forensic Anthropology Research Center in South Texas studies how bodies decompose, and why. Their research helps law enforcement officers, forensic specialists, and scientists figure out when and how a… Continue Reading Welcome to the Body Farm | Explorer

And today Coppola County prosecuting attorney advised charges have been filed against Garlin Joseph Nelson, 25, of Berman, Missouri, in reference to the disappearance of Nicholas and Justin Diemel both of Wisconsin after they traveled to Cole County to meet with Mr. Nelson regarding cattle transactions. [COUGH] The Diemel brothers… Continue Reading Missouri man killed Wisconsin brothers and burned their bodies, charges say

Oooooh Aye, I’m in the studio, bro. yea…uhh Yea, I’m at the studio. Hold up tho Ain’t get to roll no weed, Ain’t get to roll no swishers. I was locked up on christmas, Ain’t get to see my niggas Ain’t get to see my niggas Ain’t get to hug… Continue Reading YNW Melly – Murder On My Mind [Official Video]