(calm music) – Unfortunately, there really aren’t any medical treatments for inclusion body myositis. So the most important things we have, well, to offer patients, are in the realm of a physical therapy, occupational therapy, speech therapy, and ways of helping to improve their overall function. Our research at our… Continue Reading Inclusion Body Myositis (IBM) Treatment : Johns Hopkins Myositis Center

(soft music) – Inclusion body myositis usually starts with weakness in the legs most commonly so often patients will notice having difficulty getting up out of a chair, walking, maybe falling out of the blue. Another common symptom is weakness in the hands. So in particular weakness in the finger… Continue Reading Inclusion Body Myositis (IBM) Signs & Symptoms : Johns Hopkins Myositis Center

(upbeat music) – So the treatment is mostly focused on suppressing the immune system so that the muscles are no longer looking foreign to ones own immune system. So the goal is to suppress the immune system enough but not too much so that there are not adverse events that… Continue Reading Polymyositis Treatment : Johns Hopkins Myositis Center

Inner Health Sanctum… 12 Signs Your Body Lacks Vitamin D Vitamin D is not exactly a magical cure. However, a deficiency in this nutrient has been linked to many serious conditions like heart diseases, autoimmune disease, high blood pressure, diabetes, and bone or joint ailments. As a child, your body… Continue Reading 12 Signs Your Body Lacks Vitamin D

Wellness with Full Spectrum CBD Pain Freeze Cream! Free Samples Available Today! Wellness with Hemp Products Like CBD! Discover the Magic of CBD! The #1 most powerful natural pain reliever on the Planet! Full Spectrum CBD! When you need pain relief you need it now! Our CBD pain Freeze Cream… Continue Reading Pain Relieve Full Spectrum CBD for Joint Pain and Muscle Pain!

Kunzea Cream is a 100% natural, double-strength formulation, which will penetrate easily through the skin to target areas of pain and inflammation. And for that reason, we recommend Kunzea Cream to help with any joint-related problems, such as arthritis, joint swelling, joint inflammation, and muscle aches and pains. In fact,… Continue Reading Kunzea Pain Relief Cream (AUST L 294644) | Zea Relief

One question we get asked a lot in the clinic is how do I relieve lower back pain with exercise or how can I get rid of low back pain naturally. Exercise is a great tool to help relieve back pain and sometimes just being active like going for walks… Continue Reading How Do I Relieve Lower Back Pain With An Exercise Ball?

As the nation continues to fight the opioid epidemic one doctor from Louisiana may have a solution. He’s found a way to eliminate pain by using creams instead of medication. Kayla Courvelle wanted to know how it’s all working out Marie Gentry was diagnosed with osteoporosis, neuropathy, scoliosis, and was… Continue Reading Doctor Develops New Pain Relief Cream Featured on KALB

[♪ INTRO] It’s one of those basic ideas you hear scientists repeating all the time: correlation does not imply causation. Just because two things happened together doesn’t mean one caused the other. Well, back in the 1920s, they ignored their own advice. And the result was a major misconception that’s… Continue Reading Does Lactic Acid Really Cause Muscle Pain?

Natural Pain Relief and What are the Best Proven Natural Remedies By Dr. James Meschino, DC, MS, ND I want to talk to you about natural pain relief. What are the most successful natural remedies to reduce pain or inflammation? I’m talking mostly about pain that arises from joint pain,… Continue Reading Natural Pain Relief: Most Effective Natural Remedies