Everything that we go through We got nothing to prove Look what yall made us do Thought You knew Every time I’m right on cue Shoot fast I rack em up deuces, Now That’s Called smoothness Always fluid with attack and Changing levels at a pace I keep it moving… Continue Reading TP & Esco – Taste The Pain (2018)

[gasps] [laughing] Would you please stop bothering my kid? I wasn’t bothering him. I was… Just stop. [Arthur laughing] What? You think that’s funny? [continues laughing] [gagging] I’m sorry. I have a… [laughing] I’m sorry. [continues laughing] [woman exhales] [Arthur continues laughing] [music playing] [exhales] [Penny] Happy, did you check… Continue Reading JOKER 2019 ”Arthur’s Painful Life” Scene [4K] #CinematicMasterpieceOfTheCentury

Hello everyone I’m John Tracy and welcome to the Voice Guru when I’m teaching a student of mine I always ask him or her how they’re feeling and since we cannot see singing we only have to rely on what we’re feeling and what we hear. And it’s pretty hard… Continue Reading Body & Senses: feeling the body when singing (The Voice Guru)

(energetic music) (record scratching) (squeaking) (energetic music)

Meditation, relaxation, new-age, cinematic music to nurture your mind body and soul. TERA MANGALA MEDITATION MUSIC May You Be Happy! TERA MANGALA MEDITATION MUSIC May You Be Happy!

All right, guys! Pun times! I mean… Fun times. – Ahahaha… – Ohh!!! So welcome to another episode of TwoSet Violin. Today’s video is about puns. Speaking of really bad musical jokes… Check out our TwoSet Apparel! – I know – – Where we got quality musical humor! Get it?… Continue Reading Painful Musical Puns