Okay, Welcome to STIN Health Talkshow Today we will here about with Dr.Kaew and Dr.Mesa Hi They are expert in alternative treatment a acupuncture I’m pressure to have you two in my show today Please say ‘Hi’ to the audiences in this studio and home audiences Hi, It’s our pressure… Continue Reading alternative treatment 5

(I can’t take my exposure anymore, anymore) (I’m here for all the things I can not control) For all the pain I put right on the wall The corporate advertisement rises Higher and Higher You crave what I don’t want I can’t break right through You’re hypnotized I can’t break… Continue Reading Will Ryan – Corporate Pain (SONG)

Hello, guys. Welcome to another episode of TwoSet Violin. You may have seen that some people sent us a video of these musicians playing… while suffering ’cause they’re eating chili. And they asked us: Why don’t you make a video of you playing the violin while eating chili? – Well.… Continue Reading Hot Chili Violin Challenge (and other painful foods)

I know you didn’t mean it when you said what you said I know you didn’t feel it when the arrow shot right through Everything changes, can’t stay the same Tell me you love me need me again Take all the pain Take all this pain Everything changes, can’t stay… Continue Reading GITAA – Pain

– All right, Bebe is so open about her life. I loved, I LOVED, this tweet you wrote before the Grammys I believe about designers who said she was too big for them to dress, her tweet literally said: I’m sorry, I had to get this of my chest. If… Continue Reading Bebe Rexha Claps Back At Body Shamers With Words Of Empowerment: ‘A Number Doesn’t Define You’

Michael uh Michael Grange from Sportsnet Mike your record speaks for itself what is it gonna be like for you to be behind a bench for a team that would be a big surprise I think to make the playoffs in the next two or three years as a coach… Continue Reading Toronto Maple Leafs – Pain | 2017 Playoffs Hype

♪ ♪ What is this [Laughing] Oh boy… Alrighty, lets see what we got here. Shreddies. Flatulence filtering underwear. [Off Screen] No way! Underwear that hides your ——- farts. God damn! I needed this on the ride over here. This would have helped out so much in a truck full… Continue Reading Unboxing with T-Pain at ComplexCon | Episode 1 | Fuse

(playful music) (soft cheerful music) ♪ Knock knock, trick-or-treat ♪ ♪ Who are you ♪ ♪ I’m a cowboy ♪ ♪ I’m a little cowboy ♪ ♪ Knock knock, trick-or-treat ♪ ♪ Who are you ♪ ♪ I’m a cowboy ♪ ♪ I’m a little cowboy ♪ (upbeat country music)… Continue Reading Knock Knock, Trick Or Treat? | featuring The Super Simple Puppets | Super Simple Songs

♪ AY, ♪ ♪ HUH, AY ♪ ♪ AY ♪ ♪ SLEEPING ALL DAY ♪ ♪ CHEEFING, ROLLING ♪ ♪ VIDEO GAMES ♪ ♪ BOUT TO LOSE IT ♪ ♪ THAT BODY’S ON FIRE ♪ ♪ OH LOVE ME LONG ♪ ♪ TILL YOU GET TIRED ♪ ♪ OH BABY… Continue Reading Ari Lennox – BMO (Official Music Video)