If you’re female between the ages of forty-five to fifty five you’re probably moving through menopause. You know the signs – weight gain, moodiness, trouble focusing, less hair on your head and more on your face, hot flashes and night sweats.    Decrease in circulation of estrogen also puts you… Continue Reading Bryce Wylde on Natural Menopause Treatments for Hot Flashes and Night Sweats

If you are suffering from fatigue or exhaustion, there is hope! As is the case with any health problem, the best approach to permanent relief is to evaluate and treat the cause. Some areas to investigate when fatigue or exhaustion are a problem include: the quality and amount of sleep… Continue Reading Effectively Treat Chronic or Extreme Fatigue With Natural Medicine by Dr. Angela Agrios, ND

My name is Larry Cook, and I’m here to share with you that Rheumatoid Arthritis is treatable, and it can be reversed. If not all the way, at least significantly, when someone follows the healthy lifestyle. I have three specific remedies that I’m going to give you that, if you… Continue Reading Treat and Cure Rheumatoid Arthritis With 3 Healthy Lifestyle Remedies

Dr. Tina Marcantel: Acupuncture, what we do is, we insert very tiny needles in different areas, acupuncture points. We can compare… We look at the meridians. And when we talk about the meridians, I give the analogy of the blood vessels in our body. We have blood flowing throughout our… Continue Reading Learn About The Benefits of Acupuncture With Dr. Tina Marcantel, NMD

Hey everyone, Dr. Group here and today I want to talk about inversion tables. You’ve probably seen the ads for these things, they’re the device that lets you hang upside down to relieve back pain, increase your circulation, decompress your joints, and give you an overall good healthy feeling. Just… Continue Reading Benefits of Inversion Tables – An Exercise for Your Back!

Acupuncture without needles thanks nathalie for the trads ! hi everyone! Today I made a video about acupunture without needles. I choose this topic because there were not really a great sucess in my question, asking you to find a topic^^ In the body there are points where the energies… Continue Reading Apprenez à faire de l’acupuncture avec vos doigts = L’ACUPRESSION