Welcome to this video tutorial on preoperative nursing. You may have heard the term “perioperative nursing” this encompasses the preoperative, intraoperative, and postoperative phases of the patient’s surgical experience. This video will focus on the preoperative phase we will look at getting a history & physical, patient education, pre-op checklist,… Continue Reading NCLEX: Preoperative Nursing (2019)

Hey, so, pneumothorax can cause a lot of pain, a lot anxiety for our patients. So, let s talk about how we can identify pneumothorax, what s going on, and what are some of our treatments. Okay, when we talk about pneumothorax, we re talking about air getting in to… Continue Reading Pneumothorax (collapsed lung) Animation, Treatment, Decompression, Pathophysiology

Okay so welcome to part 2 of our EKG case now we showed you this EKG that clearly shows ST segment elevation and we have reviewed it methodically as we do in our EKG course at MIT cram comm but what we left for the end of course as part… Continue Reading STEMI / ACS Treatment – ECG Interpretation Case 15 (Part 2)

in the previous video we have discussed cyanide poisoning today let’s talk about how to diagnose and how to treat this evil poison remember the most common cause in the United States are fires so firefighters any person who was involved in the fire and don’t forget they tried poisoning… Continue Reading Cyanide Poisoning Diagnosis and Treatment

welcome to another MedCram lecture we could talk about hypertension and specifically we’re going to talk about the definition why talking about hypertension is important and then the treatments and I really want to dedicate this first video to the treatments simple treatments of hypertension and how you choose medications… Continue Reading Hypertension Explained Clearly – Causes, Diagnosis, Medications, Treatment