– [Narrator] This patient had pain with turning her head to the right. Fine medical massage and manipulation to the neck, acupuncture was performed to release some trigger points in the levator and upper trap muscles. The patient reported decrease in pain and increased ability in turning head after the… Continue Reading Acupuncture may be best to ease a stiff neck

Hi folks, I’m Bob Schrupp, physical therapist. Brad Heineck, physical therapist. Together we are the most famous physical therapists on the internet, in our opinions of course. Yeah, by the way our subject today Brad is how to get rid of neck hump with a sock Oh boy, isn’t that… Continue Reading How You Can Get Rid of Neck Hump With a SOCK. Dowager’s Hump.

So, we’re basically going to be doing a lot of thumb walking, so we’ll start with the big toe. With the big toe, you’re going to want to thumb walk this whole area. Just to be thorough, we’ll go all the way around. You can think of the big toe… Continue Reading How to Relieve Neck Pain | Reflexology

Water plays a very important role in traditional Chinese medicine, since everything really revolves around this element. I need substance, and I need action. Our lives have shifted strongly toward pure action, and away from “I feel revitalised, I’m collecting myself, I’m calming down, and now I can start creating… Continue Reading Back pain treatment – Interview with Christoph Stumpe [EN] – Dornbracht LifeSpa

welcome dr. Bliss thank you very much how are you very well thank you dr. bliss is my doctor because I add a lot of pain back pain and a lot of illness also I have ministry I have gone to many hospital and doctors I took a lot of… Continue Reading LINES ON FOREHEAD MEANING / YOUR LIFE CAN CHANGE / YÜZÜNÜZ HAYATINIZDIR

The Shen Dao neck release is a simple acupressure technique to relax the upper back, shoulders, neck and scalp and can be used before or after an acupuncture treatment. It is a good technique to use if the patient is holding tension in the neck and shoulders and is also… Continue Reading Acupressure for neck and shoulder tension and de-stressing using the Shen Dao neck release

Hi, I’m going to show you how to find the acupressure point Gallbladder 41. My name is Cindy Black – this is my foot. I am the founder of the Big Tree School of Natural Healing. Gallbladder 41 is on the top of the foot. The key to finding this… Continue Reading Gallbladder 41 – How to locate GB 41

Does Acupuncture hurt? I have to tell you, this is probably the second most common question I receive about acupuncture and that is acupuncture does not hurt. The needles are extremely thin and they really… you might feel a very mild sensation, but by no means is it painful.

Is Acupuncture safe? Acupuncture is extremely safe. The most common thing to happen, if any, is you may have a very small bruise at the sight of the… where the needle went. Now, out of the 1000+ needles I put in each week with my patients, maybe that happens once.… Continue Reading Acupuncture side effects | Linwood New Jersey Acupuncture

Are you suffering with chronic pain? Have you heard of Dry Needling or Dry Needle Therapy? Dry needling can relieve a range of musculoskeletal problems by inserting very fine needles into taut and contracted muscles, or trigger points. The purpose of inserting the needles is not to inject a drug… Continue Reading Dry Needling & Acupuncture Cumberland MD 21502 301-777-3710