– Hey guys Doctor Brandon Lehr here with “Health Quest” and this is one minute to better health. This month we’re talking about neck pain and I’m gonna specifically go over something that you can do at home to help prevent neck pain. What this is is one simple exercise… Continue Reading 6 Neck Pain Relief Center Jefferson City MO

The patient is brought into the treatment room and the procedure explained. We’ll then get the patient onto the bed in the same position as they were in the mould room and the simulator, so that they’re in exactly the same position for treatment. Once he’s on the bed, we’ll… Continue Reading Treating the head and neck – Radiotherapy and its physics (3/15)

Hey everybody, it’s Doctor Jo, and my Lord of the Rings kitty says “hello my precious.” Today I’m going to show you some stretches in real time for your neck so let’s get started. To start off we’re just going to get those muscles moving a little bit, warm them… Continue Reading Real Time Neck Pain Stretches – Ask Doctor Jo


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“You look like a freak.” “What planet did you come from?” “You’re going to regret that.” “Who would find that attractive?” My husband. Oh right. “You look like a freak” Freak look good. I have it tattooed here. I love being a freak. And she was like, “Why do you… Continue Reading Things Not To Say To Someone With Body Modifications

This technique is for pain, usually just above the shoulder blade, and extending up into the neck This muscles is called a levator scapulae, it’s underneath the upper trapezius What I’m going to do is tear one piece I’m going to split that piece tearing down the perforations to the… Continue Reading KT Tape: Neck Shoulder Pain

Feeling pain is an unpleasant experience, usually associated with a lesion, tension, or emotional affliction. One of the most common complaints is neck pain. In some cases, this pain may turn into a chronic pain, which can leave the person with movement restrictions or functional limitations, negatively affecting their life… Continue Reading Get Quick Neck Pain Relief By Massaging These Pressure Points

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