So in this series we are going to talk about how acupuncture originate in China five thousand years ago. How the Chinese medical theory was formed to explain how acupuncture works and what kind of needles were used in the past and currently, what kind of materials were used in… Continue Reading Acupuncture Health Tips : Acupuncture Tips on Health

In order to achieve weight control goal, we have to increase our metabolism. Enhance the thyroid function is one way. And another chemical involve in the metabolic level is growth hormone. So, when we get older, naturally growth hormone level drop, and then our metabolic level decreasing, especially the growth… Continue Reading Acupuncture Weight Loss Tips : Acupuncture & Growth Hormones

In 1961, New York City banned tattoos because officials claimed that the city’s uptick in hepatitis B was related to unclean tattoo parlors … although some say it was more of an attempt to clean up the streets in advance of the world’s fair). Surprisingly, New York didn’t strike down… Continue Reading Can Tattoos Be Taboo?

Another treatment in modality, its called a Cupping. So this is the cup we use to release pain or to release internal heat to reduce inflammation. It could be made of glass, which is the traditional cupping or it could be made of plastic. And when we apply the heat… Continue Reading Acupuncture Health Tips : Acupuncture Cupping Tips

To needle Small Intestine 4 use a perpendicular insertion to a maximum depth of 1/2 cun

So when women go through puberty, menopause, perimenopause, and pregnancy, their estrogen and progesterone change a lot. That dramatically influence their brain activity, their metabolism, their mood. So acupuncture help to restore the hormone balance during those special period of time, so women can think and work more efficiently. This… Continue Reading Acupuncture Hormone Balance Tips : Acupuncture & Female Hormone Tips

Let’s talk about why acupuncture can help us control weight. The first mechanism, we already mentioned, balancing the nervous system to control the appetite. And the second one is acupuncture help induce the beta- endorphin. We mentioned that about beta-endorphin make us feel good and it relieve the pain. But… Continue Reading Acupuncture Weight Loss Tips : Acupuncture & Beta-Endorphin Tips

So how acupuncture can help to reduce the fibroids. One of the mechanism is by inserting a needles into the local points it causes the micro tissue destruction and that will induce regression of the tumors. Also acupuncture stimulates certain chemical release that also suppress the over growing of the… Continue Reading Acupuncture Hormone Balance Tips : Acupuncture Mechanism Tips

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