This video shows two techniques for planting hair. See lesson 1 for how to make a base Use merino wool First, poke in the center Take down from the root Do the other side in the same way Rugged finish Although it seems to be successful, Easily removed The reason… Continue Reading #06 植毛の仕方 How to plant hair

Hey everybody, it’s Amy from Thanks for joining me for a League of Legends inspired craft. Today I’m going to show you how to do a needle-felted poro. You can find links for all the materials you will need for this project in the description below the video both… Continue Reading DIY Needle Felted League of Legends Poro: Crafty McFangirl Tutorial

– [Steve] In this video, we’re gonna talk a little bit about needle felting a large-scale sculpture. This piece has been covered in what’s called roving wool, using the needle felting process. So I’m just gonna kinda walk through how I did this. It’s also a little bit of a… Continue Reading Needle Felting Tutorial: Needle felting large sculpture

Hey everyone, you’re watching QDCrafts and today I’ll be trying needle felting for the second time on my channel. I’ll be making this cute little doggy that was sent to me from It’s a small kit that comes with the needle felting wool, two little eyes and keychain accessories,… Continue Reading Cute DIY Needle Felt Dogs