Hey everybody, it’s Doctor Jo. Today we’re gonna talk about desenstizizensation… no… desensensation… no… Desensitizing something! A lot of times when people have a surgery or an injury, the nerves get all crazy and flared up. And so you have to desensitize the area and help the nerves grow back… Continue Reading Nerve Pain Desensitization Techniques – Ask Doctor Jo

Here at Carmel Wellness we are changing lives every day, so on February 6th I wanna change your life. I wanna invite you to an event that we’re having just down the road at Biaggi’s at Clay Terrace. This is a dinner with the docs. It’s gonna be an event… Continue Reading Alternative Medicine | The Cause is the Cure! | FREE Dinner at Biaggi’s

nerve pain the symptoms can be crippling and hard to treat, until now introducing NutriNerve the physician recommended all natural antioxidant NutriNerve can relieve and reduce burning point numbness and inflammation while allowing nerve function to regenerate naturally customers with fibromyalgia lyme disease all neuropathies shingles vitamin deficiencies and autoimmune… Continue Reading NutriNerve for Neuropathy and Nerve Pain

(gentle music) – There’s a number of things that can contribute to the persistence of pain. One can be a persistent input. So if there’s a damaged nerve or something like that that ends up firing off just spontaneous signals that go up the pathways up to the brain that… Continue Reading Care to Share: How your brain causes you pain

Hello and welcome Neuritis is defined as the inflammations of the nerves in the eyes. The main symptoms of Neuritis are tingling and burning sensation and stabbing pain in the effected nerves. In severe cases there can also be numbness. The chief cause of Neuritis is the presence of toxins… Continue Reading 3 Natural Remedies For Treating NEURITIS (INFLAMMATION OF NERVES)

Dom McKay musculoskeletal therapists here to show you how to relieve your sciatic pain but first of all what is sciatica. sciatica describes the pain that specifically follows the line of the sciatic nerve. it’s usually felt in the lower back down through the buttocks hamstrings and even as far… Continue Reading Sciatica Pain Relief (BEST EXERCISES FOR SCIATIC PAIN)

Does Acupuncture hurt? I have to tell you, this is probably the second most common question I receive about acupuncture and that is acupuncture does not hurt. The needles are extremely thin and they really… you might feel a very mild sensation, but by no means is it painful.

Is Acupuncture safe? Acupuncture is extremely safe. The most common thing to happen, if any, is you may have a very small bruise at the sight of the… where the needle went. Now, out of the 1000+ needles I put in each week with my patients, maybe that happens once.… Continue Reading Acupuncture side effects | Linwood New Jersey Acupuncture

What type of health problems can acupuncture help with? So acupuncture can help with a variety of different health conditions. And the World Health Organization actually put out a list of different things that can help. I always tell people that it really can help with almost anything. However, my… Continue Reading Acupuncture Benefits | Linwood New Jersey Acupuncture