Implantable neurostimulator…well it’s just that. It’s an implantable unit that goes under the skin. In this case for the control of pain; particularly migraine headaches. People can maybe think of this as a somewhat analogous, or akin to a pacemaker for the heart where little battery is placed under the… Continue Reading Nature of a Peripheral Nerve Stimulator for Migraine Treatment; I

– [Narrator] You know the feeling when your special someone looks at you with intent and desire? Your natural instinct starts to kick in. You now have one thing in mind, sex. There are four phases to the sexual response cycle, excitement, plateau, orgasm, resolution. Excitement, in this initial stage… Continue Reading Your Body During Sex

Michael: I was experiencing chronic migraines 24/7, 24 hours, seven days a week. The only relief I was getting was sleep. I would be willing to try anything. I would go to a neurologist. He tried every medicine in the book, couldn’t figure it out. He says “I met a… Continue Reading Top Docs DFW; Michael; Nerve Stimulation Migraine Therapy Finally Controls His Migraine

I first saw a neurologist and started taking medication when I was 12 years old. Initially, I took the medicine and I was doing well and it wasn’t again until the beginning of high school when they started getting bad again. They’d put me on preventatives and aboratives and I… Continue Reading Kim; Peripheral Nerve Stimulator Migraine Treatment Returns Student to College

Started when I was eight years old. I had headaches on and off throughout my teenage years, throughout my college years, throughout my years in graduate school. It wasn’t until about 2001 where I had a change in my headaches. My headaches became where I would pass out. I would… Continue Reading Victoria; Nerve Stimulator Migraine Treatment Allows Dedicated Educator to Return to the Classroom

My name is Rod Clark and I’ve been a migraine sufferer since at least the age of five. I remember at age five telling my family when I closed my eyelids I could see lightening bolts because my head was hurting. They thought at the time it was just sinus… Continue Reading Rodney; Explains How Occipital Nerve Stimulator Migraine Treatment Worked Wonders for His Migraines

I’m Amy Taylor. I started getting migraines when I was fifteen and I was getting a couple a month until I got into college and I started getting more stress in my life and dealing with more things that migraines increased. By the time I was 30 it was to… Continue Reading Amy; Peripheral Nerve Stimulation Migraine Treatment Restored Her Life

Kay: By the time I was high school, 10th grade, they were bad enough that I was going to the doctor and taking prescription meds or either missing school. We tried, I think, 67 different medication protocols, and we did Botox. We did trigger point injections. We did surgical nerve… Continue Reading Kay; Nerve Stimulator Migraine Treatment Restores Her Life

My migraine headaches started approximately 33 years ago. Actually last month, in May and … very intense pain. The pain was so bad, it would make me pass out. I wasn’t able to function as a normal person. I just wanted to be normal like everybody else but it seems… Continue Reading Janice; Peripheral Nerve Stimulator Migraine Treatment Gives Janice Her Life Back