Hey! I’m Tori and this summer I am overcoming my absolute biggest fears. I have an irrational fear around needles and blood. There’s just something about this red deep dark purple liquid just gushing around that just makes me queasy that just makes me want to be sick and it… Continue Reading I Attempted to Conquer My Fear of Blood & Needles

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Are you alright there Ray? It’s just the pain It’s taking my breath at the moment so I can’t breathe properly The pain I’ve got is where the coccyx is Bend your knees Does that make it better? Both knees Yes it does It’s quite surprising to me that a… Continue Reading Pain and Parkinson’s

[Music] I’m a pediatrician and an anesthesiologist so I put children to sleep for a living and I’m an academic so I put audiences to sleep for free but what I actually mostly do is I manage the pain management service at the Packard Children’s Hospital up at Stanford in… Continue Reading The mystery of chronic pain – Elliot Krane

Acupuncture has positive effects on numerous body systems, including: nervous, vascular, immune, muscular, endocrine, digestive, and reproductive. Research suggests that acupuncture is able to increase circulation to various tissues and organs, reduce inflammation, relax tight muscles, modulate the peripheral and central nervous systems, balance the autonomic nervous system, and much… Continue Reading Effects of Acupuncture – Scientific – Charlotte Acupuncture and Wellness Center