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Hello, I’m Ilene Ruhoy. I am a board-certified neurologist, and I am the founder of the Center For Healing Neurology. Neurologic symptoms can really impair quality of life, and so it’s always been my mission to help people feel good and healthy and happy for as long as they can.… Continue Reading Seattle Center for Healing Neurology, Dr. Ilene Ruhoy ( Seizures, Concussions, Migraines, Wellness)

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My name is Marc Laderriere. Born and raised in France. I lived in Paso Robles, for the last 10 years. I work a lot. You know, less exercise, you know, you paying less attention, and then, the one day you realize, hey, I’m a little tired, what’s going on, you… Continue Reading Diagnosing and Treating Autonomic Disorder at Stanford – Marc Laderriere’s story

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Are you alright there Ray? It’s just the pain It’s taking my breath at the moment so I can’t breathe properly The pain I’ve got is where the coccyx is Bend your knees Does that make it better? Both knees Yes it does It’s quite surprising to me that a… Continue Reading Pain and Parkinson’s