Kay: By the time I was high school, 10th grade, they were bad enough that I was going to the doctor and taking prescription meds or either missing school. We tried, I think, 67 different medication protocols, and we did Botox. We did trigger point injections. We did surgical nerve… Continue Reading Kay; Nerve Stimulator Migraine Treatment Restores Her Life

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My migraine headaches started approximately 33 years ago. Actually last month, in May and … very intense pain. The pain was so bad, it would make me pass out. I wasn’t able to function as a normal person. I just wanted to be normal like everybody else but it seems… Continue Reading Janice; Peripheral Nerve Stimulator Migraine Treatment Gives Janice Her Life Back

Essential oils, acupuncture, probiotics. More and more Americans are turning to alternative medicine. [Man] After three or 4,000 years, I’m sure the Chinese can’t be wrong. But is moving away from modern science really the way to go? To find out, I’m heading to a place that’s relied on traditional… Continue Reading Traditional Remedies vs. Modern Science – The Jim Jefferies Show

I’m Gabe Garza with today’s health news. If you’ve never had migraine, consider yourself lucky. For those who do suffer from migraines, the green light for some new relief may be on the way. According to a press release issued by Oxford University Press, a new study from Harvard Medical… Continue Reading Shining the Green Light on Migraine Relief

Did you know that if you have asthma, you may be more likely to develop migraines? A new study from the University of Cincinnati (UC) found that asthma patients already experiencing episodic (occasional) migraines may be more than twice as likely to develop chronic migraines within one year as patients… Continue Reading Did You Know – The Link Between Asthma & Migraines

You have to do it for yourself. You have to do it for your family. You have to do it. And now that my migraine can be fixed. You got your life back because migraines can take it away. It’s just amazing that a little stimulation could take away that… Continue Reading RMC Webinar; Reed Procedure for Migraine Treatment; (Full; 70m)