– It’s scary. Like what’s the point? What’s the point of playing professional sports? It’s supposed to be for memories, you know? If you can’t remember that anymore it’s really scary. We’re in Florida. Orlando, Florida. I’m getting personal treatment for the head traumas that I sustained while playing in… Continue Reading Former NHL player Daniel Carcillo discusses head trauma and treatment | The Players’ Tribune

Michael uh Michael Grange from Sportsnet Mike your record speaks for itself what is it gonna be like for you to be behind a bench for a team that would be a big surprise I think to make the playoffs in the next two or three years as a coach… Continue Reading Toronto Maple Leafs – Pain | 2017 Playoffs Hype

Thank you very much Frank; joined now by a special guest, Dr. Tony Willcox, certified in acupuncture and Chinese herbal medicine, a member of the Panthers medical staff. So I am gonna ask kind of, I think an obvious question first, why is it important to have an acupuncturist on… Continue Reading Acupuncture Clinic Florida