It’s finally arrived guys, it’s the Nintendo Super Nintendo for the Gamecube I’ve been anticipating this moment for at least TWO MONTHS! Well that’s not very long but you get the point. Come on dude. ALMOST OPEN OHHoh oh. Oh boy. that’s a wii u SHUT UP I’M TRYING TO… Continue Reading Legend of Zelda: The Phantom Pain

*New glitchy boi* SMG4 Presents….. SUPAH EDGY [Maniac Luigi Laughter] Oh yeh! *sexy sound effects* Luigi! *Italian crying* Waddup BIATCH (My thoughts exactly) YEAH! HAHAHAAA! ooooo Very scary! YAA! Oho, hahaha! Hmm… *Italian gibberish* *Luigi sobs :(* *Owl language cannot be translated* DING DONG Ya! Hmm? Oh… Luigi and SMG4:… Continue Reading SMG4 Halloween 2017: Trick Or Treat Wars