Dr. Tymothy L. Flory: Okay, Michelle. What problems were you experiencing before coming here and why did you seek care with us? I had a long list of problems that dated back to probably my early childhood that I never could put a finger on. I would say my biggest… Continue Reading Claremont Chiropractor (909) 982-9100 NUCCA helps resolve Migraine Headaches

My name is Kevin McKean. I came to Intouch Chiropractors because of my migraines that I’ve had. I actually started getting them while I was in BUD/S which is SEAL Training for the Navy. And just out of the blue started randomly going blind during the training. I’d just have… Continue Reading POWERFUL Migraine Headache Relief | NUCCA Care

– On this episode, we’re gonna talk about migraine headaches, some of the causes that you’ve probably never heard of, and a quick and easy way to fix it, so, stay tuned. (inspiring music) Maybe you’ve been suffering with migraines for years. I see a lot of younger kiddos like… Continue Reading Migraines, The Myodural Bridge and Atlas (C1) Misalignment | Ask Dr. Collins Episode 006

Dr. Tymothy Flory: Okay, Phillip. What problems were you experiencing prior to coming to Atlas Spinal Care, and why did you seek care with us? I was suffering from chronic migraines and chronic headaches. And what was the second part of the question? Dr. Flory: What improvements have you had… Continue Reading Atlas Spinal Care (909) 982-9100 Chronic Migraine Headaches – NUCCA Chiropractor in Upland, CA