Whether someone is screaming bloody murder, or Snapchatting with their bestie. Assessing pain may seem like a no brainer. But one must look deeper into the situation like the great philosopher SOCRATES and find out WHAT, is the root of all this pain. “S” stands for SITE — at what… Continue Reading PAIN Assessment: Let me finish this tweet… it’s a 10. | Nurse Stefan

Hey Ya I Wanna Shoop Baby Whenever I think of Croup I think of this cut. It’s “Shoop.” The “Salt-n-Pepa” Song And with those three “S”‘s You’ll remember the symptoms of Croup Subglottic swelling causing the Stridor and the Seal-bark cough. The subglottic swelling is caused by inflammation of the… Continue Reading What is Croup? Barking Cough & Treatment | #RaisingHealth