Hi guys. It’s Cath. Today I’m going to show you how to make this super simple brick wall. We’ll be using foam board and a really easy technique. Let’s get started. The first thing I do is cut a sheet of quarter inch foam board to the size I need.… Continue Reading DIY Miniature Brick Wall

how you doing guys so we got a patient over here he’s been experiencing was a past nine years low back pain and neck pain right but what’s more recently in July you start to experience a lot of front chest pain over here especially right at the xyphoid process… Continue Reading Costochondritis, Rib pain, chest pain HELPED by Dr Suh Gonstead Chiropractic

hi guys welcome to a new vlog before we begin I wanted to film this disclaimer I guess I feel weird uploading something right now because if you have read the news or being on Twitter at all or watch any video about what is happening you all probably know… Continue Reading painted a lot and bought second hand clothes

My name is Jackie Skidmore and I’m the Director of the Usdan Institute for Animal Health Education here at AMC. We’re so pleased to have AMC’s Dr. Alexandra van der Woerdt here with us tonight. She is board certified by both the American and European Colleges of Veterinary Ophthalmologists. She… Continue Reading AMC’s Usdan Institute Presents: Diagnosis & Treatment of Cataracts in Pets

– Welcome. Only eight of you remain, and once again the teams are even, four on Team Peck and four on Team Nuñez. This week we are testing technical application. – Technical application is what’s happening when you put the needle to the skin. Is your line work clean? Is… Continue Reading ‘Excruciatingly Painful Palm Tattoos’ Flash Challenge Preview | Ink Master: Season 8

Use it when you want something a little bit more luxurious, a little bit more… AHHHHH!!! It’s $50! Hey guys, it’s Mi-Anne, and this is Beauty With Mi. My bathroom is disgusting! Well, it was until I finally stopped complaining and did something about it. My good friend and co-worker,… Continue Reading I Turned My Bathroom Into A Spa For $25, $100, & $750 | Beauty With Mi | Refinery29

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I’m Lucie Fink and this is 5 Days of Natural Remedies. Hey guys! What’s up? Welcome back to Try Living With Lucie. This week I’m really excited because we’re going all natural. This topic is particularly interesting to me because this entire YouTube series has given me a new holistic… Continue Reading 5 Days Of Natural Remedies | Try Living With Lucie | Refinery29

Hey! It’s so good to see you. Come on in. How are you? I’m good. What is the fundamental principle behind acupuncture? The vocabulary that the Chinese used to describe acupuncture is in terms of adjusting the energy field of the body. So every person is filled of chi or… Continue Reading Gwyneth Paltrow’s Acupuncture Session | goop