Hello. Yeah this is Jenny. Yeah Miss Hurt this is Bill Solver from Roundabout Insurance. I’m calling about an unpaid balance of $250 from your doctor’s visit last month. Uh no I made an arrangement with the loan officer, Claire Moneymaker. She had me sell my soul to settle that… Continue Reading Migraine Hell: Revenge of HMO | Dark Comedy Short Film

You’re listening to The Corbett Report corbettreport.com Episode 286: Rockefeller Medicine Welcome ladies and gentlemen, welcome, to another addition of The Corbett Report. I’m your host James Corbett of corbettreport.com, coming to you as always from the sunny climbs of western Japan, here on this 1st day of November, 2013.… Continue Reading Rockefeller Medicine

Hi my name is Hanadi. I’m the office manager here at Glenn Kazmierski’s acupuncture clinic in Santa Cruz, California. And I wanted to answer a few questions regarding insurance verification for our clinic. I get a lot of calls – people ask me whether health insurance covers acupuncture. And it… Continue Reading Is Acupuncture Covered By Insurance?