Hello! I just returned from the Central American nation of Belize. And as you can tell, I got this amazing tan. Obviously, I didn’t get a tan. But we did get a hurricane. *Dramatic music* Up top…global warming. *Music* This question comes from an interview I did on NPR. *evil… Continue Reading Ask a Mortician- Liquefying Bodies

PSA wasn’t saying that these people have HIV, we were just trying to say you don’t know who has HIV. It could be anyone. The other thing is, the point we were trying to get accross is for people out there to support the needle exchange programs because you are… Continue Reading Pharmacy PSA – Needle Exchange

Our next guest has dedicated her entire life to studying the field of science and recently, she made the decision to change her career path and dedicate her time to teaching everyone about the human anatomy. Please welcome back our four year old expert, Brielle, and her mom, Carry. You’re… Continue Reading Brielle Teaches Ellen About the Human Body

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Hey, it’s Fei, I know you guys have been wanting me to share my laser treatment experience so here it is My friend Charlotte from super glam suggest me to this derma clinic make sure to check out her video to see what she got done, so this place is… Continue Reading Painful ACNE LASER Experience in Korea…

Each year 1.4 million new cases of breast cancer a diagnosed worldwide with over two hundred and thirty thousand in the US alone. Here is the problem with over 100,000 breast cancer patients choosing to have breast-conserving surgery over one in four of these need to go back for more… Continue Reading UWA Microscope-in-a-needle

Abraham: No Gain In Pain So there is a vibrational version of you that is preceding you even now you are in this physical body just like that vibrational version of you preceded you before you came into this physical body. And when this leading edge genius creative physical you… Continue Reading Abraham: NO GAIN IN PAIN – Esther & Jerry Hicks