about to go get cupped for the first time for students took awhile to get the angle for this camera to work but look at that beard look at that beard almost haha wow for those of you who don’t know cupping is when they gonna take a jar or… Continue Reading Chinese FIRE Cupping – with Results

Cupping is an ancient medical tradition that’s been used for thousands of years and it involves the use of a glass or a plastic cup and we make a vacuum inside the cup and place it on the skin and then subsequently the skin gets drawn up into the cup… Continue Reading The Ancient Art of Cupping Modernized by the Olympics

(fun music) – I love it so far (laughs), I like it. – I literally couldn’t (laughs). (fun music) – What’s up, everybody? Welcome back to our channel. – I’m Shawn. – And I’m Andrew. – And we’re The Easy Fam. – What up? – Today, I have something really… Continue Reading *hilarious* NFL husband tries being pregnant for a day | the east family