Millions of people in the United States are struggling with a dependence on opioids. And this problem continues to grow. Opioid use disorder is often viewed as a moral failing. In reality, it’s actually a chronic disease like diabetes or asthma. And like other chronic diseases, opioid use disorders can… Continue Reading This Treatment Can Help Curb the Opioid Epidemic

– [Narrator] Amidst the opioid epidemic healthcare providers in Oregon are searching for alternatives to pain pills. – [Nurse] Remember playing with this? – Yeah. – Yeah, okay. – [Narrator] This is Moira Reeves. She’s six and has second degree burns throughout her body. – Okay, we’re gonna put on… Continue Reading Can Virtual Reality Replace Opioids As Pain Treatment?

[Music] [TEXT: Opioid Overdose Epidemic] [Male voiceover speaking] While the opioid overdose epidemic originated in the late 1990’s from an increase in the misuse of prescription opioids, it is currently largely driven by heroin and synthetic opioids. [Graphic: US map with opioid deaths in 2016] In 2016, opioids were involved… Continue Reading Office-based Buprenorphine Treatment for OUD