“Wait I think this is one of the YouTuber Houses?” “It’s Dan(TDM)’s house.” “Hello, Dan! Happy Hallo-” “Free candy– Dan really?” *dead laughs* Welcome back to the channel guys! Today we are playing ‘The Ghosting Hour’ in Roblox. (obvs) For those who don’t know what it is, it is a… Continue Reading TRICK OR TREATING SIMULATOR IN ROBLOX! BEWARE OF THE SCARY DOORS!

*Children’s laughter* *doorbell rings* *Children’s laughter* *meow, cat opens door* Trick or treat! Thank you! *meow, cat closes door* *doorbell rings* *cat opens door* *woof* *woof* *doorbell rings* *woof* *hissing and meowing* *doorbell rings* Trick or treat! He’s so cute! Thank you, so cute, Happy Halloween! okay, bye Hey Michael,… Continue Reading Trick or Treat – Aaron’s Animals