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Shoulders are one of those body parts that are really tricky to train. If we get injured there, they’re hard to heal and they’re so important for our posture. So I’ve picked a couple exercises that are going to help your shoulders get stronger and hopefully avoid injury. Now the… Continue Reading Prevent Shoulder Pain

WHY The living organism expresses itself in movemBent more clearly than in words But not alone in movement in pose in posture in attitude and in every gesture the organism speaks a language Which antedates and transcends its verbal expression? The connection between mind and body has long been a… Continue Reading The Ideal Body: How our Body Shapes our Character

It’s AumSum Time. Can our Body produce Alcohol? Nah. My body produces sweet, soothing music. Stop it AumSum. It is possible due to a rare medical condition called. Auto-brewery syndrome or gut fermentation syndrome. In this syndrome, a yeast which is present in our stomach. And the initial part of… Continue Reading Can our Body produce Alcohol? | #aumsum

Hi! This will be a quick video. So far we have studied the breakdown of a glucose molecule in this chapter. But, I really wanted to include this this slide to show you that there are other metabolic pathways, too. Not all of the energy that our cells use come… Continue Reading BIO156 online / summer – Ch 7 (part C): alternative metabolic pathways

Have you got pain? Well if you have neck or back pain, we have a solution for you. Many times its cause by dehydration, poor nutrition, not enough exercise, and various other points. So if we can have your attention for just a little while we may have some helpful… Continue Reading Holistic Back Pain Therapy : Natural Back Pain Relieving Tips

We aim to identify and eradicate the cause of Kidney Disorders rather than just suppressing the symptoms. For more information call us on our Helpline Numbers : (+91)-7307032211, 0172-5100052 Please visit our related websites |

For more information call us on our Helpline Numbers : (+91)-7307032211, 0172-5100052 Please visit our related websites | If do you have any Query then you can post your query on [email protected]

hi rebellious cooks it’s Yannick today i will show you how to make a sandwich bread with machine kneading at home of course if you don’t have a machine you can just as well make it with hand kneading follow me I show you how to do it to begin… Continue Reading PAIN de MIE (Pétrissage en Machine) 🍞

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