Yohann is the pastry chef here at the Opéra shop. We started working together at the Meurice. We never stopped seeing each other, it was an outright match even at the interview. We discuss a lot, about everything. How to improve this, how to improve that. I thought: with Yohann,… Continue Reading Cédric Grolet shares his pain au chocolat recipe from his boulangerie in Opéra | Vogue Paris

Hi everyone ! I hope you’re doing well ! You are on “Les plaisirs sucrés d’Antoine” today in this new tutorial I teach you how to make pastries bicolore chocolate breads it’s not that complicated to make, you just need some time, but the result is just amazing I pull… Continue Reading recette PAINS AU CHOCOLAT BICOLORES (EN subs)

Discover how to make chocolate croissant with Chef Sylvain … Start by putting the flour, the sugar and the salt together in the tank of an electric mixer, then add the baking powder but it mustn’t be directly in contact with the sugar or the salt. Add the egg, the… Continue Reading Pain au chocolat – Réussir cette recette par Chef Sylvain

I ate a Chocolatine! You mean a Pain au chocolat? Well we say Chocolatine! Not for civilized people Anakin! You let this south baker’s expression corrupt your Heart And now you talk very like the south people that you swore to destroy Don’t judge me Obi-Wan! Now I understood the… Continue Reading PAIN AU CHOCOLAT vs CHOCOLATINE (Star Wars)

hello this is chef john from food wishes comm with chocolate croissants that’s right remember that time we made croissants but we saved half the dough so we can make something else later well these chocolate croissants are something else and are they ever I mean I’ve been quoted as… Continue Reading Chocolate Croissants – Food Wishes – Pain au Chocolat

Welcome to Ashlee Marie. Today we’re making these beautiful and delicious pain au chocolat. Our dough has sat overnight. It’s nice and cold, and we’re brushing just a little bit of flour on but mostly brushing most of it off. We just don’t want it to be sticky as we… Continue Reading How to make Pain Au Chocolat – Laminated dough – pastry series part 3