Ranger Surfaces Manila Tags #10 The Crafter’s Workshop Stencil : TCW191S News Paper Manila Card The Crafter’s Workshop Stencil : TCW202 TimHoltz StampersAnonymou – Habedashery Used Chalk Ink Darkbrown Used : sticky-back canvas , WendyVecchi – A Form of Art Used Sheeting Fabric Gray Chip Used a Sewing Machine Edge of the… Continue Reading VintageTag – Needle Book –

hey this is JR product manager for the eastwood company did you know rust cost american consumers twenty three point four billion dollars a year and maintenance and repair cost rust occurs when oxygen combines with moisture to attack the iron particles found in the house at least we have… Continue Reading How To Remove Rust: Treating & Preventing Rust on R&D Corner from Eastwood

– [Boss] Oh my god! – Oh my god! (laughter) – What are you doing? – [Model] This is basically like my boss No! So, today the Go Get Glitter Girls are gonna make me a top and some leggings made completely out of glitter. I’m excited but I’m also… Continue Reading I Wore Only Body Glitter For A Day