This amazing cure for cancer has been known since the 1800s… But this knowledge has been suppressed by big pharmaceutical companies. In 1816, Dr. Johan R. Tarjany discovered that a species of moss could kill cancer cells. The moss Funariidae karkinolytae grew all around his hometown and fascinated him as… Continue Reading This NATURAL TRICK can CURE YOUR CANCER

Ty Bollinger: What was the name of your 2010 book that you finally got published? Dr. Gonzalez: “One Man Alone: An Investigation of Nutrition, Cancer and William Donald Kelley.” In there we have the 50 case reports. Now, initially the patients actually gave us permission not only to use their… Continue Reading Stage IV Pancreatic Cancer Patient Still Alive after 32 Years – Dr. Nicholas Gonzalez

(upbeat music) – It all started in the summer of 2017 when I went to visit my brother in Boston, and there I learned about some research that was happening, and the surprisingly low statistics about pancreatic cancer, like its survival rate. My name is Rishab Jain. I’m in 8th… Continue Reading 13-Year-Old Invented A Safer Way To Treat Cancer

Ty Bollinger: Webster, let me ask you a question. Let’s say you went to the doctor and he diagnosed you with pancreatic cancer. What would you do personally? Webster Kehr: The first thing I would think about was, “Yes, now I can experiment on myself.” I would probably experiment on… Continue Reading How I Would Treat My Own Pancreatic Cancer – The Cancer Tutor

Some Ayurvedic Medicine Worse Than Lead Paint Exposure In terms of antioxidant power, I couldn’t imagine anything ever beating out cloves. But then, silly as a goose, berry comes along. But then, in a whole ‘nother league, triphala. Triphala is the most commonly used herbal formulation in all of Ayurvedic… Continue Reading Some Ayurvedic medicine worse than lead paint exposure