This video was sponsored by our friends over at Hollywood Health & Society. Thanks guys! Hey There! Welcome to Life Noggin! Have you ever suddenly, for no reason, feared you were going to die, or sensed impending danger, or felt a detachment from yourself? These scary but very real experiences… Continue Reading What Does a Panic Attack Actually Do To Your Body?

Hi! A lot of times when we’re talking about cognitive behavior therapy CBT, we tend to focus on the cognitive element and I was looking through some old case files and I came across an example and I think it really illustrates sometimes the extent to which we ignore the… Continue Reading The body keeps the score.

In this video I’m going to share with you the single most important insight you need to permanently stop your panic attacks fast. This insight comes from over 3 decades of scientific research into panic attacks… and knowing about it is KEY for you finally having a 100% normal, panic-free… Continue Reading Panic Attack Treatment – Do You Understand The White Bear Effect?

Hello, my name’s Rhiannon and I have just completed The Thrive Programme. I originally came to Cara because I really wanted help sorting out my phobia of injections and needles in general. Now before I started Thrive, I honestly could not have an injection – I wouldn’t even entertain the… Continue Reading Smashing needle/injection phobia: “Got the FLU JAB yesterday!”

In today’s video I’m going to share with you 5 essential, little-known scientific-facts and insights that you absolutely must know about, if you want to quickly and effectively treat your panic attacks. I’m also going to give you 2 unique, counterintuitive techniques, that have BOTH been scientifically proven to help… Continue Reading Panic Attack Treatment: 2 Proven Techniques + 5 Must-Know Facts (New Research)