Body Parts in Swahili Internal Hello and welcome back to learning kiSwahili This time, this is part three of the body We are going to be talking about the body Inside the body=ndani ya mwili The human body=mwili wa binaadamu body of the son of Adam or child of Adam… Continue Reading 15. swahili body parts – Internal

We will name the body parts. This is the elbow. And this is wrist. The wrist joint. The elbow is a joint as well. The elbow joint. This is a palm. This is a palm. We will name the fingers. Release your fist! Show me your fingers. This is a… Continue Reading Body parts – English vocabulary

Liver the liver is right inside your abdomen up under your ribcage and it’s very important to your health your liver is the largest solid organ in your body by the time you’re all grown up it will be about the size of a football the liver helps you by… Continue Reading Liver – Human Body Parts – Pre School Know Your Body – Animated Videos For Kids

My Eyes See With My Eyes My Ears I Hear With My Ears My Nose I Smell with My Nose My Mouth I Eat With My Mouth My Hands I Clap with my Hands My Legs I Walk With My Legs These are My Body Parts These are My Body… Continue Reading Body parts || Latest Nursery Rhymes for Children || 3d Animation || Hurray toons

From wisdom teeth to your tailbone, here are 13 of the most useless body parts! 13. Wisdom Teeth Wisdom teeth are the third and final set of molars that most people get in their late teens or early twenties. With all the money spent on removing them and all the… Continue Reading Most USELESS Human Body Parts!

How does acupuncture work? Mechanisms of acupuncture can be simplified as neuroreflexes. Ancient Chinese saw it as their way to distribute on the whole body surface connecting different parts of the body, interior and exterior, the left and the right, the upper and the lower, the front and the back.… Continue Reading Acupuncture Techniques in Traditional Chinese Medicine : How Does Acupuncture Work?