>>And if you’re drinking wine.>>And if you’re drinking wine! Which we are today! No, we’re not.>>Tea or wine?>>Or are we?>>It is 10 am! (music) Hey everybody! Today we are actually on location. We are in North Carolina and I am joined by Maureen and Adria, cofounders of AR Workshop. Thank… Continue Reading Knit without Needles at AR Workshop! – Tea with Shira #65

Every once in a while you’re going to run into some instructions or an instructor who will tell you to use a two needle start to peyote. It’s a fairly unusual way to start peyote because it is kind of awkward, you’re obviously using two hands and two needles, but… Continue Reading Stitches: Two-Needle Start for Peyote

Assalamu’alaikum, hello friends….. we will learn to make party dress for kids The picture is from Pinterest Enjoy watching and happy learning materials needed the first material is tulle fabric the length we need is 6 meters rigid tulle, one meters satin, one meters thin cotton, 0.6 meters brocade, 0.5… Continue Reading Party dress for kids (Pattern making)

Your pet will look dashing as an old timey royal sea captain. This video will cover what you need and how to assemble the hat and collar pieces. Let’s get started. For your supplies you need: 1 of each color of these felt squares: navy, gold, and white. Plus 1… Continue Reading Sew a Pet Costume – Royal Navy Captain

Hi, I’m Vickie Pavone on behalf of Expert Village. In this series we’ll be talking about the basics of cross stitching. In this clip I’m going to demonstrate how to thread the cross stitch needle. There are two types. The blunt, with the larger eye and then there is also… Continue Reading How to Cross Stitch : How to Thread a Needle for Cross Stitching

Another critical component that you need when you’re doing bead weaving is obviously a needle to use with your thread and there’s actually a surprising number of options that you have for beading needles now I do suggest that you use an actual beading needle there are all sorts of… Continue Reading Tools & Materials Overview: Needles

hello everybody today I’m gonna show you how to make these simple cat it earrings they’re very easy all you’re going to need is the thread in your needle in your thread to put in your thread 11 small beads you don’t need to put the big beads and I… Continue Reading Needle Tatting Earrings