Dr Fu How are you? what can I do for you today? center of the chest center of the Chest at Ren 17 area feel discomfort. how long? many years! from time to time will have relapse! is it happen in winter? not really which seanson? since the condition is… Continue Reading Chronic CHEST PAIN on REN Mai -The Academy of Acupuncture Balance Method – Instant Results

[Music] [Music] to see the escape acupuncture okay let’s come over here you need to either standing right in front of him or right behind him so you will not miss the midline that is very important you can do this way but you always miss the dose okay that’s… Continue Reading Scalp Acupuncture for Cervical pain – The Academy of Acupuncture-Balance Method

[Music] [Music] okay how can I help you today it’s my dear I have rib that tends to bother me sometimes it pops I didn’t have a rib break on the front you want to turn around so people can see just a little bit right here but once a… Continue Reading Mid back Rib pain scalp acupuncture – The Academy of Acupuncture – Balance Method – instant results

okay can you turn around show everybody away hurts okay okay so if you’re sitting this thing you like here do it now is it her Wow how much so it’s it’s this is okay it’s when I go from this like how much okay would you send more rest… Continue Reading Low back pain-The Academy of Acupuncture Balance Method