lots of people have an odd feature or two after all it’s part of what makes human beings unique do you have any odd features have you ever been teased because of it let me know in the comments below but first take a look at the most unusual people… Continue Reading The Most Unusual People with Longest Body Features

Greetings! Eric Bakker, New Zealand naturopath. Author of Candida Crusher, formulator of the CanXida range of dietary supplements. Thank you for coming back. Going to do a video here which is a bit of a sequel to the first one that I had a young man from Australia ask me… Continue Reading What Does Candida Do To The Body?

– [Interviewer] What would you change about your body? – My penis. I get a pizza stick or like– and I’m just like “Damn, if I can just be this long, I would be–it would just be a wrap”. Then I eat it, then I’m like, “Oh, this is what… Continue Reading What would you change about your body? | Keep it 100 | Cut

-Improvement Pill- Social anxiety is a big problem that I know a lot of people have and I’ll be honest with you guys it was something that I struggled with a lot in high school as well as my early days of college see the reason we feel anxious especially… Continue Reading The CURE for SOCIAL ANXIETY

We’re all trying to help each other. We’re all trying to progress… I see a lot of miracles at Turning Point. I see people change their lives. I see the staff and the people working there. They’re all trying to help. They’re all… we just have a purpose to help… Continue Reading Finding The Right Treatment Facility – Get a Second Chance at Life with Turning Point Centers

Those look pretty good. This Calendula Marigolds are just classic a great to know about. Calendula supports the health of the digestive tract, wonderful remedy to make as tea or soup. I just find that plants offer so much potential for healing. Herbalism is the use of healing plants to… Continue Reading PCC’s Professional Herbalism Program

When people share needles they risk getting viruses like HIV and hepatitis C. This can have a big effect on individuals, families and communities. Look after your blood, never share needles. Authorised by the State Government, Perth

KAY PIKE: Who I am and what I do, I am someone with a big heart that wants to paint and connect with humans. KAY PIKE: Well hello! We’re starting at full light bars today, it is a good day! COMM: Kay Pike has become an online sensation thanks to… Continue Reading Wonder Woman – Body Artist Brings Comic Book Characters To Life

Diversity means an environment where anybody can succeed and feel comfortable doing so. To me, diversity is a celebration of people who have different perspectives, different backgrounds, different ethnicities, different gender orientations. And it really is what makes the world exciting. And makes it fun to meet people. Diversity means… Continue Reading Celebrating Diversity at Body Art & Soul Tattoos