What exactly is body language? Well, body language is your nonverbal communication, which means you’re not doing the talking but it’s your body, your physical behaviour, your hand movements, your facial expressions are speaking for you. So in the real world when you make these body language mistakes you don’t… Continue Reading 8 Body Language Mistakes That Make You Less Cool! Tips For Non Verbal Communication Skills. Niharika

Hi friends I am Niharika and welcome back to a new lesson. Today we are gonna look at five body language tricks that would make anyone instantly like you. Now definitely, It’s important that people should like us. It kind of boosts up our confidence. So most of the people… Continue Reading 5 Body Language Tricks To Make Anyone Instantly Like You – Personality Development & English Lessons

Hi everyone thanks for clicking I am Niharika. Well the other day I cut my finger and trust me it was extremely painful. Now any kind of pain is totally awful. However it’s quite a constant part of human experience. We all hate pain, right? In English we have certain… Continue Reading Learning English – How to describe physical pain in English. ( Free English speaking Lessons)