Complementary medicines including herbal medicines and nutritional supplements are playing an increasing role in healthcare, there is significant demand from consumers about information on their appropriate use we know that 50% of herbal medicines and complementary medicines are purchased from pharmacy. Pharmacists at the forefront of healthcare are ideally positioned… Continue Reading Graduate Certificate in Evidence-Based Complementary Medicines

Ellie says, “Could magnesium hydroxide be absorbed via skin?” I don’t know. I genuinely don’t know. “I’ve been applying milk of magnesia as a deodorant alternative in spray form for a few years now, and it works well, but I’m concerned about I might be hypermagnesemic, as I’m having low… Continue Reading Could magnesium hydroxide be absorbed via skin and cause hypermagnesemia?

Neal Howard: Welcome to the program. I’m your host Neal Howard here on Health Professional Radio, glad that you could join us today. I am going to have a conversation with a woman who’s got a distinguished practice. She’s a chemist and a pharmacist joining us today to talk about… Continue Reading Trained Pharmacist talks about Alternative Medicine, Essential Oil and Supplement

Like millions of Americans, Emma was living with high blood pressure, and didn’t know it. There were no early warning signs or symptoms, but Emma’s heart was working overtime, putting her at risk for heart disease and stroke. Following a physical, Emma was diagnosed with high blood pressure, also called… Continue Reading Treating High Blood Pressure