Translator: Victor Carras Reviewer: Maria K. Okay. Well, I have 10 minutes (Laughter) to inspire you to move in the direction of well-being, perfect health, discover your true self, resurrect your soul, influence the markers of ageing at a cellular level – the level of cell biology – and actually… Continue Reading Reinventing the body | Deepak Chopra | TEDxTimesSquare

Imagine if you could plug your brain into a machine that would bring you ultimate pleasure for the rest of your life. If you were given the choice to sign up for that kind of existence, would you? That’s the question philosopher Robert Nozick posed through a thought experiment he… Continue Reading Would you opt for a life with no pain? – Hayley Levitt and Bethany Rickwald

On average, over 800,000 people kill themselves every year around the world. Suicide is the 15th leading cause of mortality accounting for some 1.5% of all deaths. More people die by suicide than are collectively murdered, die in traffic accidents, or are killed by animals. It remains entirely strange then… Continue Reading Suicide

So I’ve squandered way too much time debating whether or not I should talk about David Mitchell’s views on atheism, or respond directly to his views (like an open letter), but finally, after the better part of a morning and several cups of tea, I’ve decide that it should be… Continue Reading David Mitchell Doesn’t Understand Atheism (And Neither Do Agnostics)

Life is fundamentally different from dead stuff—or is it? Physicist Erwin Schrödinger defined life this way: Living things avoid decay into disorder and equilibrium. What does this mean? Let’s pretend that your download folder is the universe. It started orderly and got more and more chaotic over time. By investing… Continue Reading What Is Life? Is Death Real?

Translator: Robert Tucker Reviewer: Mile Živković I am obsessed with transformation, specifically how dreams in the head and heart are transformed into physical reality. For the last two decades, I have reverse-engineered peak performance behavior and hacked motivation to empower people to transform their lives and their business in honor… Continue Reading Become who you really are | Andrea Pennington | TEDxIUM

welcome dr. Bliss thank you very much how are you very well thank you dr. bliss is my doctor because I add a lot of pain back pain and a lot of illness also I have ministry I have gone to many hospital and doctors I took a lot of… Continue Reading LINES ON FOREHEAD MEANING / YOUR LIFE CAN CHANGE / YÜZÜNÜZ HAYATINIZDIR

Hello mortals. Mom: Your aunt told me about these healing crystals, and I bought you this amethyst crystal. It gets rid of your negative vibrations and transmutes negativity into light! How cool is that! I want you to wear it forever! Sciencephile: Mom, it doesn’t work. Mom: Don’t argue with… Continue Reading Pseudo-science and other bullsh*t