– [Adam] So I’d never been sick a day in my life. I don’t think I missed a day of high school. I took a handful of months between high school and college with some friends, and I picked up food poisoning. I had shrimp, and I got sick for… Continue Reading Migraine Nightmare Sparks Successful Photography Career

Hi, I’m Tony Northrup, and for my Photography Buying Guide I’d like to answer the very common question, “Should you use full frame lenses on your crop bodies?” And usually this comes about because somebody says, “hey, you should always invest in glass before buying a new body.” And that… Continue Reading Should you use Full Frame Lenses on Crop Bodies? Yes and No…

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[Music] Okay… we’re at Zone 3 at 12 1/2 so we’re pretty much on axis okay I got that and I’m going to put this back down Lowest value… so this is usually either going to be Zone 3 or Zone… going to be on the shadow side of these… Continue Reading David Brookover :: The Artist Series

(Ned) I know that the other guys do not like my photos very much, so I’m not looking forward to this. (Keith) Your Instagram does look like that of most teenage girls. (Zach) Yeah, that’s all I wanna be. (Keith) You know, you’re crushing it. (Ned) Can i just get… Continue Reading The Try Guys Roast Each Other’s Instagrams