Atomontage Engine can render elastically deformable destructible high-resolution voxel bodies. Unlike many Internet trolls say, this effect is doable with voxels and it is actually super easy in Atomontage Engine. Deformation can be pre-defined (using a mathematical function or similar) or resulting from the simulated physics. Both static and dynamic… Continue Reading Soft Voxel Bodies Are Super Easy!

– Good morning. Today we’re going to draw our first of many Free Body Diagrams. – Hey guys. – Hey Bo. – Hi Bo. ♫ Flipping physics ♫ Almost every time you do a problem that has forces in it, you will need to draw a Free Body Diagram. A… Continue Reading Introduction to Free Body Diagrams or Force Diagrams

It is important to practice solving physics problems in the right way. For many problems, this involves starting with a Free Body Diagram. A Free Body Diagram establishes a conceptual representation of a body and all of the forces acting on that body, and can be referred to when writing… Continue Reading Expert TA Free Body Diagrams Student Tutorial

Imagine a world where you have your own medical avatar, a sci-fi-like profile that’s made out of your real-time health data. After all, you can lift up your car hood and diagnose your engine, or open up a program on your computer to see why it’s not working properly. So,… Continue Reading Will Supercomputers Create Virtual Maps of Your Body in the Future?

The patient is brought into the treatment room and the procedure explained. We’ll then get the patient onto the bed in the same position as they were in the mould room and the simulator, so that they’re in exactly the same position for treatment. Once he’s on the bed, we’ll… Continue Reading Treating the head and neck – Radiotherapy and its physics (3/15)

In the summer of 1895, crowds flooded the Coney Island boardwalk to see the latest marvel of roller coaster technology: the Flip Flap Railway. This was America’s first-ever looping coaster – but its thrilling flip came at a price. The ride caused numerous cases of severe whiplash, neck injury and… Continue Reading How rollercoasters affect your body – Brian D. Avery