Hey everybody it’s Doctor Jo and Lion Bear, and Bear says “Don’t crack yo neck, do these 7 stretches and exercises instead!” And that’s no lying. so if you haven’t already, make sure you click on that subscribe button down there. otherwise I won’t see your comments, and if I… Continue Reading Don’t Crack Your Neck! Try these Neck Exercises & Stretches Instead

This simple exercise works the gluteus medius muscle of your hip if it’s really weak! Start by leaning your forearm into the wall and have your outside hip flared out. With your inner core engaged and your posture tall flex your inside knee up to your chest . Start by… Continue Reading Sacro Iliac Joint pain: Gluteus Medius vs Wall

AJ here with Stronglife Physiotherapy. In this video I’m going to show you how you can resolve pain from shoulder impingement by doing a few simple exercises you can do on your own Shoulder impingement occurs when the head of the humerus elevates too much when lifting your arm pinching… Continue Reading Shoulder Pain From Impingement: Top Exercises To Fix It

hey everybody it’s Doctor Jo, and today I’m going to show you my top 10 seated hip and knee strengthening exercises. so let’s get started. If you haven’t already, make sure you hit the subscribe button down there. so I’m going to start off with some very simple strengthening exercises,… Continue Reading 10 Best Hip & Knee Pain Strengthening Exercises – Ask Doctor Jo

Hey there in this video let’s talk about hip pain arthritis or bursitis hi this is Aw Boon Wei your exercise physiologist here to help you better understand your body so that you can improve in your fitness health and your performance so in this video we are talking about… Continue Reading Hip pain arthritis and/or bursitis

One question we get asked a lot in the clinic is how do I relieve lower back pain with exercise or how can I get rid of low back pain naturally. Exercise is a great tool to help relieve back pain and sometimes just being active like going for walks… Continue Reading How Do I Relieve Lower Back Pain With An Exercise Ball?

With all that life brings, you can start to get little niggles aches and pains. At times, these will come and go and not cause you any problems at all, although other times they can really start to affect your daily activities. If you are concerned about pain specifically in… Continue Reading Check if you need treatment for hip pain – Nuffield Health

Hey everybody, it’s Doctor Jo, and today I’m gonna show you my top 5 neck exercises. So let’s get started. Some of you have asked, do I need to warm up before I start exercises. And, yes, that’s a great way to kind of get the muscles loosened up and… Continue Reading Top 5 Neck Pain Relief Exercises – Ask Doctor Jo