This is going to be the Neer test for shoulder impingement Hi everyone! The Neer test is another very common test used in the assessment of shoulder impingement. According to a big study by Hedgedus et. al from year 2012 its sensitivity is 72% and specificity rated at 60% To… Continue Reading Neer Test | Subacromial Pain Syndrome

In this video, we’re going to show you the Cluster of Laslett for SI-joint pain provocation. Hi and welcome back to Physio Tutors. The Cluster of Laslett is a tool used in the assessment of low back pain. One of your assessment hypothesis might be that the pain is originating… Continue Reading Cluster of Laslett | Sacroiliac Joint Pain Provocation

8 thumb osteoarthritis exercises to ease pain, get you moving, and strengthen your muscles Thumb osteoarthritis is also known as: basal joint arthritis or carpometacarpal joint arthritis or CMC joint arthritis These exercises are presented by Ishwam Sethi Step 1: Reduce Thumb Pain Acupressure. Apply firm pressure to the webbing… Continue Reading 8 BEST Exercises To Stop Thumb Pain | Simple and Easy

In this vide I’m going to show you the best exercise for acute shoulder pain with rotator cuff tendinopathy. Hi, and welcome back to physiotutors. Koltyn et al. from the year 2001 found that isometric exercises are able to reduce pain and they are therefore a great way to load… Continue Reading Best Shoulder Pain Relief Exercises | Rotator Cuff Tendinopathy

In this video I’m going to show you the modified Epley maneuver as a treatment for Benign paroxysmal positional vertigo from the posterior semicircular canals Get our very own Assessment E-Book and mobile app! Links are in the video description. Hi and welcome back to Physiotutors. Benign paroxysmal positional vertigo… Continue Reading Modified Epley Maneuver | Posterior BPPV Treatment

In this video we will take a look at the characteristics and presentation of migraines Get our very own Assessment Ebook and mobile app! Links are in the video description Hi and welcome back to Physiotutors! Headaches can manifest on their own but are also a very common symptom in… Continue Reading Migraines