Space: the final frontier, and for anyone unfortunate enough to be sucked out an airlock without a space suit, it will definitely be the fatal frontier. It’s an old Hollywood trope- humans inside a flimsy spacecraft have an accident of some type, and now the hull’s been breached and everyone… Continue Reading What Would Happen To Your Body In Space?

To what extent is water capable of picking up information? what does it perceive? and how does it remember it overtime? The Aerospace institute has discovered a relatively simple way of making a structure of a drop of water visible. the researchers have had their efforts rewarded by insights into… Continue Reading The Memory of Water – h2o Remembers Everything | Love Nature

Lily Benares is an honor to have you on my show much much welcome thank you very much we have been talking about it for almost two years and it never happened now it’s the time apparently and we’re at this conference in Bergen and I saw you had a… Continue Reading Lilli Bendriss – her contact with The Andromeda Galaxy (1:2)