here every point is sunset point

Point effect needle is an almost free fuel saver. So simple that you should try. Step one, link the body to a sharp object jabbed into the air intake. Step two, if a metallic magnetic fuel saver is installed, link it to another sharp object jabbed into the air intake.… Continue Reading P.E.N. (Point Effect Needle) by Hypnow – 1/3

When Jesus saves you he does it all at once. He doesn’t set you up on a thirty-year payment plan. Salvation is not a mortgage. When he comes in he comes all the way in and for those of you who have received his grace let me tell you something… Continue Reading The Point Of Pain | Pastor Steven Furtick

Hello Friends Today’s topic is for females Whenever I meet people in the camps lots of old women come to me and ask for the treatment They share that they can’t control the urine I get frequent urine In the night, i get up many times for urine and sometimes… Continue Reading Urine Leakage In Women (Urinary Incontinence) Treatment by Acupressure (Hindi)

Hi, my name is Vanessa Ho, a licensed Acupuncturist here at Healing with Zen in Pasadena. Thanks so much for joining in for Part 2 of Facial Acupuncture and Massage. So for today, we are going to cover four really amazing points to help relax the muscles, improve muscle tone,… Continue Reading Massage and Facial Acupressure Part 2

What Happens When You Massage This Point On Your Forehead A simple acupressure self-massage at this point on your forehead can have amazing results. We all have a tendency to rub our heads near the temples or our neck when we have a tension headache. The same is true for… Continue Reading What Happens When You Massage This Point On Your Forehead

We are located Sun Hoa Long Clinic, in Chinatown, New York City at 217 Centre Street. Today we will be talking about acupuncture without needles, which is called acupressure. The same point where you can stick a needle for pain relief, you can also press your finger to bring the… Continue Reading Acupressure Points & Techniques : Acupressure Points for General Pain

HeGu point (合谷 – LI4) – Does it hurt ? – Hmmm, yes a bit … LieQue point (列缺 – LU7) QuChi (曲池 – LI11) TianDing point (天鼎 – LI17) Turn around … FengChi point (风池 – GB20) 1, 2, 3 … Turn again … Ear’s root (YiFeng, 翳风 –… Continue Reading Baji Quan post training massage ASMR (HD, eng subs)

The next point we want to choose is to help to restore the chemical balance. So turn the body to homeostatic balance. And that point is called Point Zero. And I want to show you where is point zero. Point Zero is on the transverse ridge of the ear, in… Continue Reading Acupuncture for Detoxification : Acupuncture for Chemical Balance

We are standing at Sun Hoa Long Clinic, located in Chinatown, New York City. We are doing some common acupressure points to bring about pain relief. The same points where you put acupuncture needle, you can also apply finger pressure to bring about same kind of relief. We will do… Continue Reading Acupressure Points & Techniques : Acupressure Points for Nausea