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Hi, my name is Doctor Kim Makoi, I’m a holistic chiropractor from San Francisco and this is how to use an Oriental trigger points chart. Most of the Oriental trigger point body works charts are actually points demonstrating points along various meridians in the body. So if you’re using a… Continue Reading Alternative Medicine & Fasts : How to Use an Oriental Body Works Trigger Point Chart

Meridian’s are invisible pathways of energy flow that cover the entire body. Just like water flowing through a river, energy flows through these Meridian pathways. Energy is called Qi in Meridian massage it’s spelled Qi and pronounced “chee.” Qi comes to us from Chinese medicine. Qi flows through all of… Continue Reading How Meridian Massage Works

Baxie points are located on the dorsum of the hand between the knuckles and proximal to the web margins There are eight points in all four on either hand you

Now once you’ve done those points that are very specific for the hip area you are going to want to transition into the points that are for general hip dysplasia or for general arthritis. You’ve done some of them as we’ve shown liver 3 and bladder 40 are both points… Continue Reading Dog Acupressure for Hip Dysplasia : Dog Acupressure Points for General Arthritis

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Shang Baxie points are located on the back of the hands in the small depressions which just proximal to the metacarpophalangeal joints There are eight points, four on each hand

A question we oftentimes get from first time patients is whether or not their insurance, their health insurance will help cover the cost of acupuncture. The cost of acupuncture can vary, from something like a student clinic that may only be $15-$20 per treatment to some practitioners who are expensive… Continue Reading Acupuncture Therapy : Acupuncture & Insurance

DR. CHRIS MANGO: Hi. This is Dr. Chris Mango, here in New York City. On behalf of Expert Village, we’re going to be taking a look at trigger points today. The last muscle, the trunk stabilizer, which we’re going to look at is the rectus abdominis, more commonly known as… Continue Reading How to Find Trigger Points : Trigger Points in the Abs

Hi, I’m going to try to explain one of the misconceptions. A lot of people are familiar with acupuncture as a therapy for variety of ailments. But really, acupuncture is a small part of traditional Chinese medicine. So there’s actually five branches of traditional Chinese medicine. The best known is… Continue Reading Acupuncture Therapy : Acupuncture & Chinese Medicine